Fall 2018 Program, October 16 – November 13

Five weeks of experiential workshops led by guest artists bridging artistic and meditative tradition. Each session you have an opportunity to experience and explore inner peace, healing, and transformation with the use of crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls (with other instruments), Azul Dance expression, drumming and rhythms, contemplative practices, and soothing intuitively channeled cello vibrations.  Each program is a complete experience in meditative practice designed to connect and transform energy.

All programs start at 7:15 pm.  Please arrive a few minutes early to get settled and centered.  You park free at the street meters after 7:00pm, or at the pay garage/lot behind CVS on Forest St.

Donations accepted at the door: $10-15, or as able.

October 16, 7:15pm:
Self-Care: Deep Relaxation with Sound Meditation, Roberta Brown, RN

Roberta-BrownExplore the healing vibrations of crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls and other musical instruments in a safe and sacred space. Sounds are everywhere and affect us on many levels.  The frequencies assist in balancing the cells, organ systems and harmonizing the entire mind-body. Sound therapy allows the brain waves to entrain into a deep meditative state.  You will experience the profound relaxation of the body and calming of the mind as you rest and rejuvenate. Enjoy this self-care practice of ‘being’ mindful, aware and present rather than ‘doing’.  Bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket, if possible. Chairs will be provided.

Roberta serves as the Integrative Medicine Program and Healing Touch volunteer coordinator at Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich, CT. She incorporates over 40 years of nursing and integrative medicine expertise into her educator and facilitator roles. Roberta’s passion and interest in healing modalities has expanded her commitment to self-care and mind-body practices. Her journey evolved, as she became a licensed massage therapist, Kripalu-certified yoga teacher and a certified Healing Touch practitioner and instructor. Most recently she has studied Sound Healing with Satya Brat, founder of the International Academy of Sound Healing. She presents at staff meetings and community events on topics such as Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing Meditation and other mindfulness techniques. Roberta is committed to creating a safe space for people to gather and let go of what no longer serves them for their highest good. She believes now is the time to cultivate peace within ourselves to create heaven on earth.

October 23, 7:15pm:
Azul Dance, Pathway to Awakening the Heart, Nancy Pivirotto Barbe

Nancy-pivirotto-barbeCentering in the brain and the feet, Azul is a conscious movement practice that supports you on a path of personal awakening to greater love.  You, the dancer, have an opportunity to move through the space in your own movements with the support of eclectic music.  As you freely discover your own expression and rhythms, an Azul spiral supports you in awakening to your flow of life.  All are welcome, no dance experience is necessary, just your willingness to discover more of you, through movement, in a way that nourishes you. Come in clothing that allows you to move your body easily, and bring socks or smooth soled shoes to move easily on the carpeted floor. Please feel free to come 10 minutes early to settle in.  Bring a water bottle.

Amara Pagano, Founder of Azul Conscious Movement recently shared the following reflection: “I have observed the more we listen through the body the more we are held and guided. The dance gives us the space to tune into the body and hear what is reflected there. In this encounter we have a direct experience of what we are feeling and what is important, leaving us with a sense of being alive  and connected.” September 2018

Nancy Pivirotto Barbe is a cetified teacher of Azul.  As she explored Azul on her own path, seeking connection and expression of joy, love and connection, she began to experience the profound effects of Azul dance.  As a practicing nurse, Nancy quickly recognized the healing effects of Azul movement.   To learn more about Azul dance, visit Azul Consciousness Movement

 October 30, 7:15pm:
Drumming Up HealthJoseph DeMatteo

DrumsThis program isbased upon the HealthRHYTHMS® protocol developed from medical research that shows the health benefits of drumming with a group, including stress reduction, mood improvement and a boost to the immune system. The session will integrate group drumming with proven health strategies to support participants in their quest for well-being. A wide variety of drums and other percussion instruments will be provided.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s in Music Performance from New England Conservatory of Music, Joseph DeMatteo taught in a therapeutic high school for teens with behavioral and emotional disabilities and obtained a Master’s in Special Education. From these experiences, Joseph strongly believes in the therapeutic benefits of drumming. As a graduate of the comprehensive HealthRHYTHMS® training, Joseph provides a structural opportunity for all, regardless of ability or experience, to receive the healthful benefits of drumming in community that he has cherished for his entire life.

November 6, 7:15pm: (a special election night program to calm your anxiety)
The Art of Waiting: Contemplative Silence in Times of Uncertainty (a special Election Day event),
Rev. Dr. Frances Sink

Dr.-Rev.-Frances-SinkAbiding in an inner place of peace and expectancy is a challenge for the human spirit.  Our nature seeks certainty, closure, and confidence in what we know. Contemplative practices cultivate our capacity to “abide with” what we do not know while feeling the holding of a calm, compassionate presence.

Rev. Dr. Frances Sink is a practitioner of contemplative arts as paths of inner guidance. She is a Unitarian Universalist minister, a spiritual director, and a clinical psychologist.


November 13, 7:15pm:
It’s All About You! Sound Immersion Meditation with Live Cello Music, Ilya Levitin

Ilya-LevitinNothing to Do…Take a Deep Breath…Get Very Comfy…Let Go…Ride the wave of the sound…back to YOU!  Like a singer who has been given the gift of a special voice, I am fortunate that I was given the gift of a rich, soothing cello sound. I was trained in the best tradition of the Russian Cello School and utilize my mastery of cello-playing techniques. During the workshops, the sound is being intuitively channeled in the moment for participants, and as a result, the healing is taking place by immersion in the vibrations of the sound, which brings about energy transformation.  For more information about Ilya’s practice, you may visit: https://www.ilyalevitin.com

Header photo by Ed Law